The Secrets of the Lenormand workshops 2010

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Welcome to the Lenormand NZ!

This blog is to inform you of The Secrets of the lenormand oracle2010 workshops, hosted in Hamilton  New Zealand by the international Lenormand Expert, author and teacher Sylvie Steinbach.

Since its release in August 2007, “The Secrets of the Lenormand Oracle” has been a regular number one best seller on Amazon in cartomancy! This English manual introduces the 36 Lenormand cards to a new wave of intuitives and provides the needed methodology to unlock the secrets of this powerful oracle for truly amazing results.  Because of the popularity of  Sylvie Steinbach’s book, the small Lenormand deck is now back in stock on and in the Pacific Rim through the exclusive reseller Lucille Waretini based in New Zealand.

Enthusiastic customers from  around the world  take the time to write and share their feedback with Sylvie,  like Gina who just wrote an email  “Thank you so much for what i’ve learn so much through your book, I’m also hearing impared. I’m still learning although  from what I saw, it is truly amazing!”

Take your Lenormand knowledge to the next level and receive  in-depth teaching from the author herself, a Master of the Lenormand oracle for 30 years. Increase your accuracy, get detailed readings and enhance your abilities during those two exclusive seminars!

Please navigate through the pages, you will find all the details regarding our 2 week-end events, that will take place on the 6th-7th February 2010 and the 13th-14th February 2010, entitled:

the Beginners workshop and the Advanced workshop.

For those students travelling from afar, you should take a  look into  the Accomodation page, you will find many links on where to stay and how to experience an unforgettable week in our garden city of  Hamilton, New Zealand!

These workshops are intended for those who want to further develop their knowledge of the Lenormand oracle using an amazingly efficient technique and for the serious student who would eventually be able to use the lenormand tool as a guidance for others, in a professional setting. For the professionals, the Lenormand oracle could be the next best investment in your practice – and those trainings could be set as part of your business expenses (see your tax professional for more details). Graduates of those two workshops will be eligible for our Teaching certification program.

We hope to see you in Hamilton!